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Style and Plush Basketball Clothing Brand

Style and Plush Brand

When it comes to playing basketball. Your clothes must feel pleasant. With our women basketball shorts designed to feel loose and comfortable. Reason being you got to be able to move when V- cutting to get open for a shot. Wearing clothes too tight can cause you not to move at your best. Shiftsquad designs basketball apparel to fit your style of play. Rather your a slasher, pure shooter, post player we have the apparel for you.


Cool hoodie


One of the items that all basketball players like is our cool hoodies. You have the option to select if you want the pullover or zipper hoodie. Lightweight design is good for spring weather. The sleek design will have you looking fashionable. This will help boost your confidence. The best fabric to wear during workouts and playing basketball is polyester. Polyester absorbs sweat. This is very key because when you sweat it does help cool the body. When it’s time to change clothes your body will not be sweaty. The polyester fabric will have absorbed the sweat from your body.

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