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ShiftSquad Logo: A Basketball Clothing Brand that is sold online


Founded in Chicago, IL. our Basketball Clothing Brand wanted to bring a certain style to the court.  A certain swagger that leaves an imprint on the game.  How you look and what you wear brings out a certain confidence in every basketball player. That is what our Mens Basketball Clothing, basketball clothes for boys and our basketball clothes for womens do.

We bring the swag and the confidence back to the players on the basketball court. From our t-shirts, sweatpants, hoodies, sports bras. Our girls basketball clothes, best selling product the womens leggings. Shiftsquad takes pride in not only delievering excellent customer service. We pride ourselves in making our customers look and feel good.

Our Basketball Clothing Brand realize human potential. We understand that as people its what's possible. People can break barriers in areas where they need change the most. Our job is focused on bringing out the best in the player through fashion.

Here at SHIFTSQUAD, you won’t only find what you need; you’ll get the best quality at a fair price. With years of experience in the industry. We have the expertise to thoroughly and efficiently serve our customers. To ensure they’re never disappointed.

So take time out of your busy day and browse through our catalog. We feel that you will like what we have to offer. If you are a player that admires the way you look. If you are a player that believes in the theory "If you look good! You play good!" Then you will buy Shiftsquad because every player will look good.

Besides, you will feel good. So, whether you’re a one-time buyer or looking to buy in bulk. You can count on us to provide great products and excellent service, every step of the way. Browse our inventory below and get in touch if you can’t find what you’re looking for.